Weighted Wings for Stingrays
Weighted Wings for Stingrays

Weighted Wings for Stingrays

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This is an optional add-on to enhance your stingray plushie. Each wing will be filled with approximately 20 grams of weighted beading. By weighting the wings you give more body to the stingrays along with that beaded feeling. This is perfect for people that like to feel more weight in their plushies or like moving the beading around.

The Bat-Rays are able to be weighted and are highly recommended! When weighting them the beads will not move around as freely as they do in the standard stingray wings, this is due to the stitching that details the bat wings.

We cannot weight the wings of mini stingrays!

This does add small beads into the wings that can become a choking hazard if the wings are opened.

These are not recommended for pets or small children.

This is for stingrays only, it cannot be added to anything else and is not intended to be purchased on its own.