Pumpkin Dino *Scented* Plushie
Pumpkin Dino *Scented* Plushie
Pumpkin Dino *Scented* Plushie

Pumpkin Dino *Scented* Plushie

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The pumpkin dino plushie is orange with a glittery black bottom, two green spikes and a brown stem coming out the top. 
This plushie can be scented to smell like a pumpkin pie! Or pumpkin spice if that’s preference. To scent the plushies I've used aroma bead packs that are sewn into the main body. The scent can last a month to a year depending on the conditions it is kept in and how frequently it is used.

Leave us a note at checkout, or send us a message with your order number, how you would like your plushie scented or un-scented. We will automatically default to scenting the plushie with pumpkin pie scenting if not asked otherwise.

Our pumpkin pie scenting is sweet and buttery where our pumpkin spice is sweet with hints of clove and cinnamon.

All plushies are made by hand, this makes each one unique and no two are identical!

The dinosaur pattern is by Cholyknight.com

These plushies are not intended for pets or small children. Handmade items may have imperfections and small flaws.