Mystery Plushie
Mystery Plushie

Mystery Plushie

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This listing is for a mystery plushie! We’ve been creating so many lovely plushies in our shop and they all deserve some extra love. We typically make stingrays and dinos, but sometimes we test out new patterns for various cuddly animals. It’s a fun surprise waiting for a new home!

If you purchase the matching plushie scrunchie it will match the main color of the plushie! And if you add on the weighted wings the plushie will be defaulted to the stingray as that is the only plushie we are weighting at this time.

All plushies are made by hand, this makes each one unique and no two are identical!

This listing does not include weighted wings or scrunchies, those are optional add-ons that can be found in the Plushie Collection section.

These plushies are not intended for pets or small children. Handmade items may have imperfections and small flaws.